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    Coaching Call

    Why would I even want a call with Denise?


    •  30+ years of real estate sales experience, Denise has been through every type of real estate market, good, neutral, and horrific, and continued to always be in the top agents across the country.
    • Denise has been coached personally by some of the industry’s best Mike Ferry, Tom Ferry, Tony DiCello, Jon Cheplak, John Alexandrov and more.
    • Denise has invested 100’s of thousands of dollars over the years to perfect her skills and  continues to be ahead of the crowd by continually investing in herself and her company
    • All that is great, yet Denise’s passion for the real estate and what she does to improve the industry is Denise’s greatest obsession.


    “Every 10 years I’ve refocused my business on how to become better at helping buyers and sellers.  For the last 20 years of the 30, I have sold at a very high level 100+ homes a year without a big team.  NOW, it is my purpose and commitment to our industry to pick up where others leave off in educating and training real estate agents to become the best they want to be, thus serving the consumers more professionally.”


    There is no obligation, this isn’t a recruiting call…this is an opportunity for you to get one on one with an industry top selling professional.