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    Fairborn Real Estate

    Fairborn is located near the City of Dayton and Wright Patterson Airforce Base, and is in Greene County. The population was 32,352 at the 2010 census.   It claims to be the only city in the world with the name of Fairborn,  a portmanteau word created from the names Fairfield and Osborn; the two villages that merged in 1950 after the Great Dayton Flood of 1913 forced Osborn to move out of a flood plain and alongside Fairfield.

    In addition, to being adjacent to Wright Patterson Airforce Base (WPAFB), and conveniently located along Rt 444 and Interstate 675, Fairborn is the home of Wright State University,  the national disaster training facility known as Calamityville, the historic Huffman Prairie (experimental field for Orville and Wilbur Wright).

    In local history, The Fairborn Agreement, a peace accord between the parties to the hostilities of the conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the former Yugoslavia, was negotiated at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Negotiations took place from November 1, 1995, to November 21, 1995, at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base located next to Fairborn, Ohio.

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